Crazy Bout Herbs & Stitches - Things made and obtained to share for your health & enjoyment!

  This is the page where you can find items we have made or obtained and want to share with you!
  Feel free to look around and contact us if there's anything you see that you're interested in.

Belly Balm
(Helps Prevent Stretchmarks)
Jojoba, Coconut, and Olive Oils,
Shea Butter, and Beeswax
3oz          $6.75

Handmade Doll Diapers
You Will Receive a Random Print When Ordering.  
Size: Small (Fits Older Baby Alives)
            $3.00 Each
             $3.50 w/ Soaker

Size: Medium
       $4.00 Each
        $4.50 w/ Soaker

Size: Large
                                                                          $5.00 Each
                                                                            $5.50 w/ Soaker

                                               Numby Gums (Aka Teething Gel)
                                                     1.2oz Bottle  $8.00  


 ~ Toof-Soap (-Aka- Toothpaste)

 ~ Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner

 ~ Spray Hand Sanitizer

 ~ All Natural Deodorant

 ~ Bath Salts

                             ~Stay tuned for more!!~

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